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28th Feb 2021

Interview With a Satanist

Coty chats with Paul about Satanism and the ways Satanism is and is not connected to Wicca and Paganism. This brief overview of the different ideologies of Satanism, how it developed, and how its relationship (or lack thereof) to Paganism is just a start! To read more on your own, please check out the following resources:

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Besom Buddies: A Pagan Podcast
Brought to you by two totally underwhelming queer Wiccan dudes
A Pagan podcast brought to you from the kitchen table of two (gay, married) Wiccans. Normally we just have these chats on our own, but now they are here for the pleasure of your ear-holes! We can't promise that you'll learn anything, but you'll probably have a laugh.

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